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Q: When did Hindus start to see Krishna as the Supreme Lord? Some modern Hindu groups and their followers/followees/following who consider themselves to be Vaishnavas or related to Vaishnavism say they practice or view Krishna as the Supreme Being in the same manner as the Abrahamic religions. When did this evolve? A: Srimad Bhagavatam describes the Paurnasya expansion of Govinda (or Krishna) as follows (SB 9.16.14): After the expansion of Govinda, all the residents of Mathura became well-versed in the spiritual knowledge that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Since Krishna gave the madhurya mantra to them, they are all experts in the Vedic doctrine of Vishnu, which is a sign that He is worshipped by all the residents of Mathura. At that time, Narayana-Narayana began to expand, and all His expansions became greater. There were three expansions of Narayana, and they are called Prabhu, Prabhu and Prabhu. So Krishna's expansions were the reason that the people of Mathura became well versed in Vedic knowledge and that they were able to understand the significance of Govinda's expansions. It seems that Krishna Himself taught the followers of Narayana (and Narayana) this knowledge. This is corroborated by Srimad Bhagavatam 12.14.11-12, which says that Narayana and Govinda are brother-brothers: At that time, the well-known Lord Narayana and Krishna, who are the expansions of Narayana, became His personal expansions. Narayana and Krishna, who are expansions of Narayana, are the expansions of the expansions of Narayana, and therefore they are called brothers. I don't know if there is any chronological discussion of this in the Srimad Bhagavatam, but a number of Vedanta systems (e.g., Vaishnava Dvaita and Vedanta) agree that Krishna is God. That is why they are named after him. For us - here - 'home' means 'here' more than it means 'home' to you or to most people... so we've 'chosen' the outskirts of the world for our homes... What we have found




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Philippine Electrical Code 2009 Free Download Pdf nikcapi

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